Chan-Kah Restaurant & WI'ST Terrace

Experience Our Restaurant and Bar in Palenque Mexico

Hotel Chan-Kah Resort Village proudly offers a variety of dining options to suit every preference. Located opposite the main pool, Chan-Kah Restaurant and Terrace invites you to experience rich samples from Mexican cuisine as well as regional and international dishes. Find the best in cocktails, beer, wine and soft drinks at our welcoming Yax Bar. And, of course, we also serve a delicious room service menu.

Restaurant Chan-Kah

Restaurant Chan-Kah, offers a variety of national, regional & international dishes.

WI'ST Terrace

Restaurant Chan-Kah & WI'ST Terrace, offer a variety of national, regional & international dishes.

row of mixed drinks at a bar

Bar Yax

Here you can find a variety of national and international wines, beers, liquors, classic, regional & signature cocktails created exclusively for bar yax Chan-Kah.

chairs and tables at a restaurant

Chan-Kah Cafeteria

Enjoy our Chiapas coffee, hot and cold recipes, delicious desserts and much more. We also carry a variety of "We Proudly Serve Starbucks" products.