a hot rock room at a spa

Maya Spa & Temazcal

We invite you to discover our Maya Spa and Temazcal; our exclusive Spa facility that offers 50 square meters divided into two treatment rooms, each equipped with individual Spa beds. If you want to enjoy a traditional massage or discover our exclusive temazcal treatment, you will feel renewed and revitalized

Relaxing massage

This relaxing massage eliminates mental fatigue and provides a more restful sleep, waking you up to feel refreshed and energized.

Anti-stress massage

This massage is ideal for removing stress, loosening muscles, removing knots, and helping you relax and rest quietly.

Reflexology Massage

This foot massage connects with the entire body, activating or deactivating specific points according to the complementary nerve endings.

VIP Massage

During this exhaustive massage, we release all your tensions, relaxing your muscles and relaxing your body from head to toe.

Mud mask

Enjoy a mineralizing, nourishing and exfoliating treatment for your face.

Cocoa Cream Mask

This mask provides anti-wrinkle, anti-sagging, rejuvenating and vitamin-infused benefits.

Honey with Oatmeal Mask

This mask provides exfoliating, softening, and dark spot relief.

Mud body wrap

Enjoy a mineralizing, nourishing and exfoliating treatment for your entire body.

Cocoa Cream Body Wrap

This body wrap provides anti-wrinkle, anti-sagging, rejuvenation, and vitamin infusion benefits.

Honey Oatmeal Body Wrap

This body wrap will help you remove blemishes on the skin as well as soften and exfoliate your body.

Maya Temazcal

This ancient Mayan treatment provides physical, mental, medicinal, and spiritual benefits. It consists of a steam bath heating 52 volcanic stones to make 4 doors for each cardinal point, ritual songs, prayers, clay mask, medicinal cold tea and a personal guide for your journey of renewal.