Cultural Events & Festivals

Let Us Help You Plan A Memorable Visit

Hotel Chan-Kah Resort Village places you close to some of Mexico’s most exciting cultural events and festivals. From the Santo Domingo and Mayan World Fairs to the annual Snook Fishing Fair, you’ll find something fun and fascinating. To help you plan a memorable visit, we’ve provided a convenient list of events you may want to experience.


International Coffee Expo Fest

This event consists of bringing together the main farms and coffee producers, national and international in one place, to expose and taste rich and gastronomic samples, all based on coffee, allowing to make known to a large number of visitors that the city has magic of Palenque

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Spring Equinox

On this day, people search for an ancient sacred place to receive it dressed in white and raising their hands to heaven to charge themselves with energy from Nature.

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Summer Solstice

Solsticies are given twice a year. It is the time the sun is at the poles of the earth: when it is near the pole of our hemisphere, it marks the summer, and the opposite pole the winter.

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Mayan World Fair

The interest is to highlight the great attractions that the region offers and preserve the Mayan Culture that is so interesting to visitors.

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